Mental health in the music industry

Becoming successful in the music industry is an incredibly hard to attain. They face psychological pressures that most people in 9-5 professions would not encounter.

Some of the issues that can cause a decline in good mental health include:

  • Pressures of constantly performing
  • Drug-induced issues
  • Pressures for continual fan gratification. (i.e putting out music, bad feedback on released songs)
  • Pressure from label and representatives
  • Financial pressure
  • Concern about ability to sustain long-term career

When musicians publicise that they are struggling with a mental illness, some of the public at times become very critical and judgemental.

e.g “They get to travel the world and play music to large crowds, what do they have to worry about?”

A Victorian University study found that “musicians are five times more likely to suffer from depression and 10 times more likely to show symptoms of anxiety.”

In the video section of my article my intent was to focus on the reasons why mental illnesses are more prominent in musicians. The focus of this piece is to concentrate on the differences between a musician and someone from the general public, and the reasons someone in the music industry could become ill.


For the podcast, I focussed on the lack of support for musicians from all different avenues of life. For this piece I narrowly focussed on how a lack of respect and support towards musicians from both government and social levels can have an effect on their mental wellbeing.