Facebook posting: Social Suicide?

As I constantly prolong completing the university work I’m given, my procrastination leads me to Facebook. As adolescents, our biggest media space would be social media, in particular Facebook. We use this program to gather news, view upcoming events, and connect with friends. I deliriously scroll through my newsfeed. Time and time again, I witness meaningless posts: from uneducated political tirades, to irritable humor aimed at the older generation. Majority makes me grovel. It made me question the use of this media platform. Once an external source for a somewhat personal encounter with friends, Facebook is now a cluttered mix of advertising, political agendas and overused status hacks by friends.

It made me look at my personal Facebook use? Do I use it as a tool for connecting with friends, or a place to voice opinions that would warrant criticism if publicized in a social environment? Certainly there is a place for both on social media however I observed that many use it for either one or the other. I analyzed my own Facebook profile, and came to the conclusion that my use is completely for social purposes. I use it to interact with my friends, and as a media outlet to gather information. I never share anything, or rarely post any status update; which is very uncommon. Why? It’s social suicide. The sharing of a photo with a political agenda, or a status update regarding current affairs, can be displayed online for colleagues to pick and pull apart and whether or not they express their thoughts to you personally, they are judging you.via-status-facebook

In a world where the content on someone’s Facebook account reflects on him or her as a person, the social repercussions are huge. As Shaun Wilson explains, “All stories reflect the storyteller and where they’re at in their lives.” Whether or not someone enjoys my post or not, why risk the criticism?

Facebook has transitioned from a place to socially network to a powerful media space. Many use this space to publish their thoughts and ideas towards various issues in either their own lives, or in the environment around them. However, I, like many, do not like doing this; for my social safety. A popular Facebook account, gives you a popular social status, and by regularly posting, clogging peoples newsfeeds, you are diminishing those chances. These actions of mine towards how I use Facebook truly reflect how powerful I believe this website is as a media space. Powerful in both the impact and repercussions it has on many actions.


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