Participatory Culture

A rise in participatory culture has led to new forms of content produced all over the Internet. This has also increased the range and size of audience that view this content, and therefore creators are able to easier increase interest in their produced content. Social media is a prime example of an arena of promotion. A recent example is the rise of social network app, “Vine”. In vine you can share, and make short 7 second videos online and share them with the world. These vines were then be uploaded to Facebook, where a rapid response of interest saw an increase in the amount of “Vine” content produced.

However, with large amounts of content produced, and with no quality control, the credibility of each source has been limited. The way we interpret what is and isn’t good content is totally changing, and with the amount of content produced increasing, we as an audience are being harsher judges on what is good content. In future years, we will find it difficult to impartially define between what content is quality, and what isn’t.


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