The digitalisation of sports officiating

Sports officiating is one of the most heavily scrutinised jobs in the world. Many people are always criticising decisions, and therefore to lower the chance of an incorrect decision technologies have been put in place to assist with decision making. In this video, I will be exploring the change in the sports, cricket, rugby league, and football.


2 thoughts on “The digitalisation of sports officiating

  1. Really good video you’ve made. It really highlights how the use of technology and improve sport. This will help to clear up any disputes that players, coaches and fans have with the umpires now that they are backed up by technology. The digital age has helped to improve many aspects of sports and how we interact with them. Good job.


  2. Really enjoyed the comparisons you made here Garth, you made the difference between non-digitalised officiating and digitalised officiating clear, using great examples as well.

    I also know that in the NBA, even in reviewed plays, refs have the final say and in this example ( the ref decided not to overturn possession of the ball, even though the replay review strongly suggested that they do so.

    Still, in major sports such as cricket, NRL, and football, the digitalisation of officiating really helps narrow down tough calls. Great blog post.


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