Transmedia: Shrek Beer? Shrek Heroin? Shrek Vibrators?

Transmedia storytelling is a big part of our modern society. Many corporations, personnel and franchises can be expanded into different media, to explore the entertainment experience in a different manner. As outlined by Henry Jenkins in his article, ‘Transmedia 101’, he states, “Most often, transmedia stories are based not on individual characters or specific plots but rather complex fictional worlds which can sustain multiple interrelated characters and their stories.” This allows an audience to feel a connection, understand and relate to the subjects story, and thus allows the “globalization” of the market. A perfect example of transmedia is the rise of fictional character, ‘Shrek’. Shrek products have been sold and thoroughly endorsed by children all around the world, from video games, to theme park rides, and various toys. The Shrek epidemic got to such a stage, where a high number of children’s products had his face or features on them. This high increase of Shrek products was noted by media satire program, “The Chaser’s War on Everything”.

This video goes to prove a point through humour of how wide the expansion of transmedia can get, sometimes even to a form of ridiculousness.


Jenkins, H, 2007, “Transmedia 101”


4 thoughts on “Transmedia: Shrek Beer? Shrek Heroin? Shrek Vibrators?

  1. Shrek Vibrators! That’s what drew me into reading this blog post hahaha. Although only a short post, you’ve definitely nailed the whole idea of transnational media. To think, that branding makes such a huge difference in the selling of a product. I guess that’s just one way advertisers are targeting children.


  2. I really liked the blog post on Transmedia: Shrek Beer? the example was very different and i learnt a lot more that i didn’t already know. it was good YouTube to include from the chasers and how there was Shrek products everywhere and how popular it is and was outraged in the media. Transmedia is popular and can be seen in many different ways and like how you incorporated that in your blog.


  3. I loved this post! Partially I think it has to do with the inclusion of the Chasers mocking the idea of “shrek sells”. Your post has great use of engaging funny content along with referral to quality content from the lecture. All in all it lead to a short and straight to the point post which i always appreciate. Here is another clip with funny and bizarre shrek merchandise…enjoy hahah


  4. Great job on this post! I’m glad you used an example that reminded me of my childhood. It is so true! I remember all the merchandise when I was growing up, and its still around being sold even though the movies have finished being made. There are so many viral videos based around Shrek like the disturbing yet hilarious “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life”. It just shows how one piece of media can have a transmedia effect.


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