What are modern dj’s doing up there?

Andy_Moor_DJ_2010 Everyone knows that feeling of walking into a club and seeing a dj up on the stage playing some killer songs and getting the crowd in a good vibe. I often, in a drunken state, analyse these dj’s to see what it is that makes them so special up there. I’ve come to the conclusion that not much makes them special. In our modern Read/ Only society, dj’s can pre-record mixes so that all the hard and stressful work is done by the time they enter on stage. So why do we continue to worship and praise these performers, when in fact, a high percentage of them aren’t really even performing? Because we too, as an audience contribute to the downfall of a Read/Write culture with our comfortable, laidback and somewhat lazy attitude. Lawrence Lessig, in his book ‘Culture of our past’ describes Read/Only culture as, “a culture less practiced in performance, or amateur creativity, and more comfortable and more simply consumed.“ Our modern culture doesn’t like getting out of their comfort zone, and unfortunately, Read/Only culture is so present and evident in our society, that to experience and enjoy Read/Write culture is to extend us from within our comfort zone. I understand that not all dj’s and producers are like this, and certainly these Read/Write performers hold an undeniable place in society. Although when the public is not screaming out for a change in music culture, can we blame these developing musicians for only performing how the audience demands, in a Read/Only fashion? I really enjoyed this Ted Talk, very interesting and engaging, its worth a look.


One thought on “What are modern dj’s doing up there?

  1. Great job with this blog. I enjoy the angle you take on discussing the topic of remix culture. The view you make of society being lazy is so true when you know that we don’t like getting out of our comfort zone. Perhaps we remix things because we cannot think of original content anymore and we rely on those who can. The video was a really good view and I enjoyed it. Good Job


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