The end of locked appliances?


With our society every growing in the needs of technology, media developers are continually looking at new things to increase the desire for more generative platforms. I thought about this in the lecture, and posed this question to myself. “How long will locked appliances be around for?” I mean it sounds like a stupid question, but think about it, everyone wants their appliance to be multi functional, so is it reasonable to think that in 10 or 20 years we may see toasters with touch screens built in to them or desk fans with speakers casing the base of the turbine. We’ve seen the rapid rise of multi faceted computers, phones and TV’s, so why is it difficult to imagine everyday appliances in the same way. Certainly, there will always be locked appliances, they will never disappear, but will we see one day a change of assertion, from modern day appliances to generative platforms and this change may shape the technological future of our society.

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2 thoughts on “The end of locked appliances?

  1. I don’t think we’ll see an end to locked appliances any time soon, especially in regard to smart appliances like fridges. In my opinion there’s no need to make appliances like these open to innovation by consumers because they are entirely different to say a personal device such as a smart phone. Smart phones are a technology that can benefit immensely from being a generative platform and I think manufacturers will continue to design them to allow everyday users to make changes to their own device.

    Good post but can I suggest you add some tags and categorise your post so it’s easier for other people to find. Also, referencing the original author of content you use (like images, videos etc.) is a must.


  2. Was really interested by your post Garth. I found it intriguing how you posed possible multi-functional everyday appliances as a fresh new answer to a locked gadget, such as the iPhone. Generative platforms are surely coming up in the world, with more people being aware of the benefits of these appliances, conversely, the limits of locked appliances are also becoming more widely known… maybe this IS the end of locked appliances.

    Also, maybe you should check out this article on “68 innovative appliances”:


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