Monopoly? Copyright?


When I sat in the lecture, and heard the term monopoly, I’m sure everyone thought of the board game, y’know, the one that destroys friendships and exposes cheaters. But in the case of copyright, monopoly refers to the “exclusive possession or control of the supply of or a trade in a commodity or service.” It now takes 70 years after the author’s death, or 120 years if it is a corporate company. That’s crazy talk, I mean, who is going to want to wait that long to rework or reinvent a copyrighted piece of work, when there will be newer ideas in years to come. These rules for monopoly of copyright keep being updated. Will we see a time in the future when there will be an infinite amount of time for copyright?


2 thoughts on “Monopoly? Copyright?

  1. Dimitri Lignos

    The introduction of the 70 years of copyright was really introduced for Disney and Mickey Mouse as a part of the Copyright Act Extension Act 1999 otherwise known as the Mickey Mouse Act. I personally believe that money will be an underlying factor in copyright (such as Disney’s mega fortune) and the amount of time that copyright will be extended . I like that you have done your research but would’ve liked to follow your journey of research through hyperlinks. But still, great piece of writing and fantastic use of original meme.


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