Does the media effect us? Only if we let ourselves be effected.

The media is a prominent but still ever growing part of our society. Powerful and diverse forms of media surround our present world. These forms of media continually challenge and manipulate our views and ideologies, and this can have either a positive or negative effect on us. Despite being able to visually see the anti-social behaviour, both extremes of size (extremely underweight and obese) and biased reporting that new media has contributed to, we have to accept that the media is not the complete problem. People have a choice in how they moderate the media in their life. There’s no doubt that with moderated usage, new media is a very useful and exciting prospect.

One of the most evident issues surrounding the effects of the media is the limiting of social interaction. With new phones, watches and tablets increasing in technology, we are constantly looking down at our screens, captivated from what “low level” entertainment they provide. As an example, moving around on many public transport systems, I see all to often the sharp contrast between a conversation-ready elderly person without new technologies, and that of a glum, technology dependant youth. I mean, how much does it take to skip that new Kanye song and interact with the person next to you? Sadly, too much. We don’t want to be an extrovert. Now that new media surrounds everyone, it’s normal to be abnormal.

The media is not just a theme full of gadgets. There are many big media corporations who consistently manipulate our views and perspectives on various issues and current affairs. This seizes any right of the journalists to provide free speech and open debate, instead, promoting the corporations views, and not their own. It is fair to say, I’m apolitical, I have no clue which party should be in power, although from what I have seen and read in news articles, it seems the ABC is one of the biggest pro-ALP media outlets in the country and Allan Jones’s radio talk show is very liberal biased. Maybe if I wasn’t younger, and less immature, I would actually give a shit about this current situation, but in my case, I don’t. In saying that, I recognise that this is an apparent thing in modern society and a powerful tool for massive media companies to get a point to its audience. These examples in the Australian media shows how different forms of the media can seemingly, or subliminally warp and twist our notions to suit their own viewpoint.

The mind is a powerful thing. It allows us to think about things in our own way, and create new ideas to express. The media however, dominates our lives in many different forms, and our mind can be easily influenced. From the two examples i’ve provided, it is clear that their are mental anxieties surrounding the effects of the media on society. But the truth is, we are only effected if we let ourselves be effected. New media is a beautiful thing in moderation, and once we all realise how beneficial it is in small doses, we will continue to use it in a positive fashion.


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